• The author(s) should use Submit Manuscript button for submission. Manuscripts sent by e-mail would not be accepted by the editor(s).
  • Manuscripts submitted to IDEALKENT should not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication.
  • Manuscripts should be prepared due to APA’6.0 Publication Manual (http://www.apa.org).
  • There is no page limitation for manuscript, however, it is preferred to be written between 4000-7000 words. Neccessary reductions and extensions may be decided together with the author(s).
  • Manuscripts can be written in Turkish or English. Papers should include Öz in Turkish and Abstract in English between 150-200 words. They should be written according to Manuscript Template. Title of the paper should be short and should not exceed 15 words. There need to be keywords between 3-5 words.
  • Research papers should determine problem statement in the introduction part. Method, findings and discussion parts follow introduction. Essays and collections should be organized under suitable subtitles.
  • Manuscripts prepared with respect to the template should be uploaded online system without the author(s) name and address. Only the first page should include the author(s) name and address.
  • Prior to evaluation, manuscript should fit the following conditions:

1.       Manuscripts should be prepared due to writing rules (APA’6.0 Publication Manual) (http://www.apa.org)

2.       Manuscripts should be uploaded Manuscript Template

3.       Manuscript should be sent with an extended abstract prepared in English

4.       Plagiarism Report should be submitted

5.       Forms for Copyright and Ethics should be filled out