Manuscripts sent to IDEALKENT should not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication. If the manuscript is sent to IDEALKENT, the author(s) is considered to be a commitment on this subject. Notifications that were previously presented at a scientific meeting may be accepted provided that this is indicated.

Manuscripts first published 25 years ago and still considered as classical study in terms of importance and impact may be included in IDEALKENT regardless of whether previously published or not. Importance is given to updating the data in research articles sent to IDEALKENT. It is reported that research has lost its update if 5 years or more has elapsed since the collection of research data.

The submission of a manuscript to IDEALKENT Journal of Urban Studies means that the work is original and that the author(s) does not have any copyright from another institution. The content of the text, its responsibility for science and other matters belong entirely to the author(s). The author(s) agrees to accept all terms and conditions posted here.

The copyright of the published manuscript passes through IDEALKENT and can not be reproduced in printed or electronically. Each accepted manuscript for publication must sign a copyright form. Responsibility of used figures, photos and other visual materials belongs to the author(s).

Applications are accepted only electronically. Manucripts prepared according to writing rules should be uploaded online system by using Submit Manuscript button at

Once manuscript reaches the journal, it is first evaluated in terms of format (APA6). In the course of this evaluation, if the manuscript needs correction in the aspect of format, the manuscript will be returned to the author with the necessary correction information. Correction of the format does not mean that the manuscript is accepted. After this correction, the manuscript is evaluated by the editors with respect to its content.

Those who want to publish the submitted manuscript elsewhere due to delay or another reason may withdraw their study by a written application. Rejected manuscripts will be sent in three months with a clear explanation. All authors are informed via e-mail.

Evaluation of Manuscripts

Papers should be submitted in Word DOC format electronically. Manuscripts are evaluated within ‘double-blind review’ approach. The studies examined and found suitable by the editors are sent to two independent reviwers. In the case of disagreement between these reviewers, another reviewer is applied for the evaluation. In line with the reports sent by the reviewers, the study is either accepted, rejected or requested for correction. In the last stage, the editors decide whether the accepted study will be published or not, and in which issue the study will take place in the journal. 

Recieved manuscripts are replied in a month. Positive or negative opinions regarding the manuscript are definitely informed to the author(s).

Prior to evaluation, manuscript should fit the following conditions:

1.       Manuscript should be prepared due to writing rules (APA’6.0 Publication Manual) (

2.       Manuscript should be uploaded Manuscript Template

3.       Manuscript should be sent with an extended abstract prepared in English

4.       Plagiarism Report should be submitted

5.       Forms for Copyright and Ethics should be filled out