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The city is becoming much more located in the center of human life. The rapid growth of urbanization all over the world obligates to live an urban dependent life for rural inhabitants as well as those living in the city. With its attractive facilities and the problems that it causes, the city appears as a dream for some, whereas for others it is the place that turns the life into a nightmare. In this sense, all the matters regarding humanity become rapidly urbanized.
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Idealkent considering the city as the central element of academic research adopts a publishing principle that generates city-oriented viewpoint for social problems and their solutions. It also accepts the relation between the city and wide range of diciplines. Idealkent desires to offer an academic ground for the studies associating itself with the city and produced in the fields of sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, anthropology, architecture, urban and regional planning, law and political science.

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Idealkent pays attention to quantitative and qualitative studies as much as theoretical studies. Additionally, it does not limit its geographical scope with Turkey. With the aim of understanding all urban problems in the global scale, not only Paris, Berlin and London but also Baghdad, Cairo, Tehran, Tokyo, Beijing, Canberra, Mexico City and Rio are involved in its concern.

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